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mil_crafts's Journal

The Crafty Ladies of Mil_Wives
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Welcome to mil_crafts!

This community was created for crafty people in mind. This is a place for us to discuss anything craft related no matter what your specialty. We will share tips and tricks, different techniques, ideas and inspirations for projects, questions and answers. Whether you're an amateur or advanced in your craft, you're all welcome - but you must already be a member of mil_wives in order to join.

If you are not a member of mil_wives your request to join will be denied.


OPSEC. Even though it should not be an issue here, this is still a military related community and OPSEC should be followed.

Be respectful. Simply put, don't be a jerk. Do not be rude or disrespectful to other people if you don't like what someone is doing or how they're doing it. Everyone has different styles and techniques or they might not be advanced as your are. Criticism is fine as long as it's constructive and not hurtful. If you are rude or inflammatory in any way you will receive one warning. Repeated incidents will result in a ban.

Deleting. Do NOT delete posts. Do NOT delete comments. You may only do so for editing purposes and you must make a note as to why it was deleted. If you delete without reason you will receive one warning, any more than that and you will be banned.

Screencapping/Reposting. Do NOT screencap or repost anything from the community solely for the purpose of snarking or embarrassing other members. It will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban.

✂ If you have any questions, concerns or problems, please contact one of the mods.


Even though we already know each other, we would love to get to know you a little better. Please fill out this new member survey and post it to the community after your membership is accepted.

*please post in HTML, not Rich Text format.